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Most of the relationship articles out there tend to be for heterosexual couples. I use part intuition and part knowledge on relationship dynamics to translate, adapt, and figure out what works best for you if you don't identify with or find yourself in traditional relationships. How and where you define yourself on the Kinsey spectrum scale of heterosexual to homosexual only matters when it masquerades the real you--and the complexity of human relationships. What really matters is understanding how and what to do to have long-lasting quality relationships. 

Two Venusians together, or two Martians together can still use Mars Venus material, but with a twist. It's not so much make it up as you go, as knowing the intricacies of issues that can crop up if you're not communicating openly and honestly all the time.


If you would like the answers to specific dilemmas you find yourself in, then please ask questions (feel free to post anonymously), and I will respond and adapt the content specifically to your needs. The biggest issue we all face is knowing who we really are inside. Identifying your personality type, understanding the different communication styles, and knowing how to keep stress levels low will help you further create a loving boundary about yourself so you remain safe and free to love.

Our happiness and success often revolves around how healthy our relationships are--not just interpersonally, but intrapersonally as well. Joie de vivre.

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