Transform Your Inner Confinement To Freedom!


Transform Your Inner Confinement To Freedom!
Transform your life by living with erogy!

I was on my way home, and thought that I would spend some quiet late night hours studying binary options stock trading. What I encountered when I entered the wooden hallway of my old city tower apartment in the heart of Copenhagen was a heap of sneakers and worn out leather boots spread all over. Visitors!

In the octagonal living room, four lovely youngsters were sitting crossed legged in the large italian turquoise sofa. Blonde and fair skin, dreadlocks and worn jeans, dark soft curled hair and large sweaters, and one light soft Pink summer top. Free spirits of youth dressed elegantly, the light and life force filled the energy of the room.


It was my wise and stunningly beautiful daughter, my handsome revolutionary nephew, his graceful Swedish girlfriend and their anarchistic love-energy friend. Instead of settling behind the computer screen to check out the stock market, I introduced them to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams (don't miss it: "Happy" on youtube).

In three seconds, their dancing bodies and lively movement were filling the living room space. "Erogy!" they said out loud, with large, heart felt smiles. Erogy, yes! I thought.

That was exactly the energy that had inhabited my home space on this Thursday night. My entire being was overwhelmed by heart-felt happiness, and I was reminded about what's really important. Certainly not the stock market of the day! But the joy of movement, connection, and love and authenticity manifested in real being.

"We believe that erogy transforms confinement to freedom" is the last principle of Erogy — The Manifesto. Feel free to download it here, and let me know what it inspires you to do. Commit today to manifesting your own authenticity and life force!

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