What Kind Of Condom Would Einstein Have Worn?


What Kind Of Condom Would Einstein Have Worn? [EXPERT]
Condoms aren't just smart, they're fun and sexy, too!

Marie Antoinette. The jury is still out on whether Marie Antoinette actually declared "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche." (or "Let them eat cake!"). However, we are quite certain that a woman known for decadence and great taste ... would never pass up on any of ONE's Flavor Waves. With options like Chocolate Strawberry, who could blame her?! Let them eat chocolate strawberries, indeed!

Ben Franklin. Well, given the whole key / kite / lightning / inventor thing ... we are certain Ben Franklin would prefer a condom that's at the very least ... more "stimulating." Thoughts of pleasure abound. So of course, we'd first suggest Lifestyles' Pleasure Shaped. (And then, if size warranted a different approach, Lifestyles 3Sum ... Yes, rumor has it, Ben was popular like that.)


Madame Curie. Bringing light to the mysteries of radioactivity, scientist Madame Curie became famous for her pioneering research in the field and was the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes (in physics and chemistry). This is a no-brainer ... surely Madame Curie would have enjoyed Glowing Pleasures (glow-in-the-dark) condoms! 7 Tips For Getting Back In The Sack After A Hiatus

Napoleon. Okay, jokes aside, we all realize that Napoleon would need to compensate and only buy TROJAN Magnums (which would surely have included Magnum Thin and Magnum Ecstasy) ... however, due to his expensive European tastes he would have actually preferred RFSU's Okeido (larger fit) even if he truly required RFSU's Mamba (snugger fit).

Albert Einstein. While Einstein's brain has often been the subject of research and speculation, he was a man first. And, well, even theoretical physicists need some personal time. Naturally, experiments are carried out to measure the thinnest condoms available. Durex Avanti Bare, TROJAN Bareskin, Kimono Microthin, and Lifestyles THYN are all strong contenders, yet it's relatively likely that Okamoto's 004 (brand new to the US market) would get Einstein's vote.

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