So, You Think You're Cool Because You Hate Condoms?


So, You Think You're Cool Because You Hate Condoms?

5. Use lube. Try it just once and it will improve your life with condoms
forever. Just like condoms, you can buy individual packets and lube
samplers before investing in a bottle you might not like.

It may take an army of strong, sexually savvy women to turn the tide on STIs, but guess what: we're too smart not to turn it. And with the right condoms, safer sex will be hotter than ever.


We'll know we've made progress when the next Miley Cyrus isn't licking construction equipment, but instead opts for her favorite flavored prophylactic.


Melissa White is CEO and founder of Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts & International Purveyors of Superior Condoms –- who recently launched the, a website with straightforward reviews and opinions on every brand of condom worth using, based on our ongoing independent global condom and lube reviews.

Recognizing widespread condom myths and aiming to empower couples to enjoy more satisfying experiences in safer sex, Melissa founded Lucky Bloke to make it easier for couples to find condoms they love to use, by providing an accessible collection of the best performing and most pleasurable products. Lucky Bloke offers guidance and education on condom sizing and fit, along with a thoughtfully curated assortment of strictly superior condoms and lube from around the world.





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