So, You Think You're Cool Because You Hate Condoms?


So, You Think You're Cool Because You Hate Condoms?

The truth is that condoms can indeed (absolutely and totally) suck. I won't begin to argue. I agree wholeheartedly.

But if this is the stance you cling to like a sinking ship, you're absolutely using the wrong condom.


A lot of guys are apparently so invested in disliking condoms that they're simply unwilling to broaden their perspective -- perhaps for fear of being proven wrong -- by finding a condom they love.

What guy isn't up for a little experimentation in the bedroom? Apparently, the line was previously drawn at condom test drives.

Through our own extensive global condom reviews and studies, we know for a fact that not all couples hate condoms. In fact, quite a few couples like them -- even before taking part in one of our international initiatives, which have resulted in 97% of participants finding a condom they love.

With percentages like that, condoms can't universally suck. So why would you want them to?

We've found that when men dislike condoms it is because they are:

1. Wearing the wrong size condom (yes, here is how you find out your condom size)

2. Relying solely on free or cheap condoms

3. Honestly clueless about how to find the right condom for them (not to mention
their partner)

Guess what? Under those assumptions, you're totally right. Poorly chosen condoms can only be a let down of craptastic proportions.

But that's no excuse for ignorance. The fact is, there are many pleasurable, premium condoms on the market. And chances are, if you're in the League of Condom Haters, you haven't tried any of them. Luckily, it's not too late to save your skin -- and self -- from a sexually transmitted disease.

So, unless an STI is on your holiday shopping list this year, it might be time to shift away from negative thinking surrounding condoms.

So, where do you start?

1. When you're with a new partner demand they use a condom.
No guy is worth turning 25, 35... or 50 only to learn you've caught a STI. Lucky
for us, the majority of guys would rather have sex with a condom than not
at all. But sometimes you do have to take a stand.

2. Have your own condoms. Respect your body, health, and future.
And if you are dating/sleeping more than one person, get yourself a condom
sampler with a variety of condom sizes.

3. Make sure your partner is wearing the right size condom.
(Read this: How do I find out my partner's condom size?)

4. Explore condoms in your partner's size. It is actually a lot of fun.
There is no need to buy an entire box. You can buy single condoms or
condom samplers.

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