Question: Better Sex with Condoms? Answer: Absolutely!


Question: Better Sex with Condoms? Answer: Absolutely!
A Condom Review Driven Site Focused on Matching Users with Top Rated Condoms Based on Global Study.

It began innocently enough. Mission: Great Sex! our Global Condom Review & Safe Sex Initiative with over 1,100 participants in 21 countries.

THE GOAL to help couples find and buy the best condoms (based on their own personal requirements and preferences) thus, making sex both safer and more pleasurable.


Simply put: to bust widely held condom myths once and for all.

We sent out the call: seeking men and women – internationally – in every possible demographic to participate in testing and reviewing the world's best condoms. Our initiative intended to be the most comprehensive condom review ever conducted. And it was!

Next, we sent  applicants fully customized, FREE premium condom samplers  – based on size requirements, personal preferences, and filled with condoms from around the world (most our reviewers had never heard of much less tried) – in exchange for their brutally honest feedback. Our safer sex connoisseurs tested 95% of the condoms we carry.

1. Access to the proper size, premium condoms –mixed with quite a bit of personal exploration– leads to finding the perfect condom. You need to sample as many different top-rated condoms as possible until you have your own personal "Eureka" moment.

2. What makes a perfect condom?! Each person’s sexiest condom is a highly personal experience. One person’s favorite condom might be another person's least favorite condom.

3. It is incredibly difficult to select the perfect condom intuitively. The condom you "think" you are going to love rarely matches with what you actually love.  Often what sounds exciting isn't...and what sounds "Ho-hum" can sometimes be "Oh-yeah!"  We can't tell you how many of our initial participants were excited to try textured condoms and then found out they preferred "ultra-thin", and vice versa.

We sent out these personally customized, premium condom samplers...and then what?!  While we had hoped for great results, nothing could have prepared us for the wildly awesome, mind blowing feedback our intrepid global safe sex champions delivered! 

• 97% of all participants stated they were introduced to brands they'd never heard – which led to them finding their favorite condom;

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