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If you love great (safe) sex, read on to find out how you could receive free condoms!

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Lucky Bloke is looking for a few good men and women. Mission: Great Sex!, a global condom review and safe sex initiative presented by is seeking men and women, internationally, in every possible demographic to participate in testing and reviewing the world's best condoms. 

This initiative intends to be the most comprehensive condom review ever conducted. It is truly epic in scope. Yes, Lucky Bloke is looking for men, women, couples, college students, the newly single, the over forty and the over fifty. You name it, we want it! If you are a discerning condom user (novice or expert) who wants to influence the condom world, Lucky Bloke is looking for you!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves using the world's finest condoms such as Okamoto, Kimono, GLYDE, Billy Boy, RFSU, ONE, Lifestyles, Proper Attire, Trojan and Durex in the comfort and privacy of your own home, lover's home, dorm or office. Select reviewers will be sent two brand-new to the market condoms including ONE Tantric Pleasures and Trojan Charged, Trojan's sexual enhancement condom. 6 Condoms To Rev Your Sex Life From Ho-Hum To Woo-Hoo!

Yes, Lucky Bloke will send you free premium condoms and you will test them. Next, you'll let us know what you think via easy (and totally anonymous) multiple choice online questionnaires. Once the extensive data is compiled, Lucky Bloke will notify the world as to which condoms are really superior to all the rest.

"Safe sex should be great sex," says Lucky Bloke CEO, Melissa White. "The innovations in the condom industry are to be applauded but their work isn't over yet. It's time for discerning condom users across the globe to unite by first testing the best of what's available and then really weighing in on what they like and what they want. Mission: Great Sex! is an unprecedented platform for starting this discussion."

Do you have what it takes to become a Lucky Bloke Secret Agent aka Official Condom Reviewer?

As a reviewer, your identity will remain our secret. (Unless of course, you get so excited that you decide to tell the world!) 

So, if you are a man or woman who loves great sex and who won't compromise on safety, apply!

If chosen, the world's very best condoms will be sent to your door (free of charge) and all you have to do is share your opinion which we already know you love to do. Are you ready to take your sex life to the next level of safety and pleasure? 5 Ways To Get Your Partner In The Mood With a Condom

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