Lucky Bloke Launches the Sexiest Subscription Yet


Lucky Bloke Launches the Sexiest Subscription Yet
Passion. Pleasure. Romance. You want it and you deserve it. And, the pleasure gear you need is here!

Want to spice up your days, and electrify your nights? All while spoiling yourself and your favorite partner?  Well, we have your sexy fix.

Lucky Bloke, International Purveyors of Pleasure, have officially launched their new, very sexy, Lucky Bloke Pleasure Pack subscription. The service provides a fun and convenient way for subscribers to explore and sample sensual, pleasure goods – perfect for men and women who would like to spice up their life and/or their relationships.

From silk blindfolds to exotic oils for massage, each Pleasure Pack will include a tantalizing selection of (4-6) travel-sized samples. The Pleasure Packs will feature a carefully curated assortment of boutique, as well as highly coveted international brands, such as Luz de la Riva, Intimate Organics, Kama Sutra, LELO, Bijoux Indiscrets, and TCHO...just to name a few.

"Pleasure Pack subscriptions provide a convenient, affordable way to spice up intimate encounters while sampling the best pleasure gear from around the world," says Lucky Bloke CEO, Melissa White. "Lucky Bloke Pleasure Packs, delivered discreetly each month, will inspire you to explore, indulge your bliss, and unleash your imagination!”

Pleasure Pack subscriptions start from $18 per month and most plans include free shipping. Pleasure Packs are available for international delivery!

To check it out, head your sexy self over to: Lucky Bloke Pleasure Pack

What's even better than your own pleasure?! Pleasure for a cause: 10% of Lucky Bloke’s sales go to to urgent humanitarian causes. Current causes include: charity: water, It Gets Better Project, and UNICEF.

Have more Sex & Save the World, indeed!

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