Lube: a Simple Way to Sky-Rocket Pleasure


Lube: a Simple Way to Sky-Rocket Pleasure
While a major issue many women have with condom use is dryness, few women use lube –let's discuss.

Lucky Bloke invited Caryn Thompson, the importer of RFSU a Premium Condom Brand from Sweden to share her knowledge and experience with you.

Did you know that female lubrication, is a hormonal function?


Lubrication during intercourse is a very misunderstood piece of the pleasure pie. As women, so many of life’s challenges impact our ability to produce enough lubrication during vaginal intercourse… and I haven’t met a women yet- who has control over her hormones.

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The lubrication women produce vaginally is water based, and easily evaporates with the heat and friction during vaginal play. Stress, age, lack of sleep or medicinal drugs, are a few of the potential culprits that may impact our ability to produce enough vaginal lubrication for intercourse.

Your partner may think you are not excited or into the moment because you are so dry, and dry vaginal play is not pleasant. This is when the excuses and lack of desire begin to impact your willingness to engage in intimate play. Pain is a sexual turn off for most women, unless you are into alternative pleasures.

Condoms also contribute to vaginal dryness because all condom manufacturers lubricate their condoms after they have been rolled up and just before the wrapper is sealed. This process leaves all condoms dry along the bottom half of the latex. Dry latex and dry skin are a match made for breakage and discomfort. As dry latex rubs against dry skin, an irritation can occur from the heat and friction during insertion; resulting in an irritation that many people blame on the latex.

Alleviate this discomfort by adding additional, condom compatible lube. The entire length of the condom, from head to base, needs to have that blanket of lubrication to allow the female tissue to slide along the condom. Silicone is the lube of choice for condom manufacturers’ as it allows for a longer shelf life; it doesn’t break down like a water-based lubricant. If you don’t use condoms and experience dry, painful intercourse, simply add a great lube for comfort.

Depending on your needs, there are some fabulous water-based lubes and silicone-based lubes on the market. There is nothing wrong with you that a silky lube can’t assist with. Your sexual health and pleasure depends on YOU!

Additional lube can be your very, very best friend!
Ever tried sliding across a rubber mat on your knees? My point exactly…

Lube On…
Caryn Thompson

We, at Lucky Bloke, would also like to mention pleasure and arousal lubes...and de-sensitizing lubes.  If you aren't sure what lube is the best for you, try the Ultimate Lube Sampler: 6 assorted trial-sized lubes from the best international manufacturers!


Lucky Bloke extends a huge thank you to our friend in adventure and safety (and guest writer) Caryn Thompson. Caryn is the US importer of RFSU condoms. You can follow Caryn on Twitter.

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