It Really Is Better Wet: The Lowdown On Lube


It Really Is Better Wet: The Lowdown On Lube
Talking about personal lubricant can be embarrassing. Have no fear, our primer will make you a pro!

5. Encounter | Ultimate
Encounter’s Ultimate lubricant is a specially water-based formula: thick and slick for ultimate anal pleasure. Ultimate is infused with mint extract to relax the sphincter and formulated to always be gentle on the skin. Using paraben-free ingredients and non-glycerin based formulations, Encounter's new lubricants are an innovative line formulated and pH balanced for women. 100% Vegan certified. Available in a 2oz (59ml) size bottle or sold in six pillow packs [.27oz (8ml) each].

Another good option for anal sex is Pjur | Analyze Me


We are adding a #6 - and, while, it is not a lubricant (it's a spray), it is an important product that you should know about! You no longer have to let premature ejaculation get in the way of enjoying your time together.

6. Pjur | Med Pro-long (Spray)
Specially formulated to prolong and enhance a man’s pleasure, the active ingredient - tannic acid (derived from oak bark) has a contracting effect. In combination with panthenol, this gives the spray a desensitizing effect, which reduces the penis sensitivity and helps against premature ejaculation. For external application on the penis. Pjur, made in Germany and loved worldwide, always uses CE-certified medical grade ingredients. Available in a .68oz (20ml) size spray.

At Lucky Bloke, every lube we sell is condom safe and guaranteed to please.

If you would like more personalized support, Lucky Bloke has your back (or, your front!)

Did you know that offers a free (no purchase required) Condom (and Lube) Concierge Service via email getlucky(at)luckybloke(dot)com? Our Concierge Service  offers very specific consumer support in relative anonymity.

Our Concierge is trained to offer comprehensive support regarding proper condom sizing, as well as sharing comparative information regarding product specifications and attributes. Expert lube advice is free, as well!

Try our Flavored Lube Sampler for a special sexy treat!

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