I Can’t Feel Anything When I Use Condoms. Help! [CONDOM EXPERT]


I Can’t Feel Anything When I Use Condoms. Help! [CONDOM EXPERT]

At Lucky Bloke our mission is to lead you to the land of amazing sex with condoms. With a selection of the world’s best condoms at our fingertips, we’re here to prove that the right condom can actually improve your sex life. Got a question for the Lucky Bloke experts? Let us answer it so you can concentrate on having the hottest safe sex possible!

Dear Lucky Bloke, Although I know I should be practicing safe sex at all times, I feel like condoms really reduce my pleasure and I don’t really feel as much when I use them. I’m also self conscious about the fact that my partner might also be experiencing the same reduction in pleasure. However, going without a condom is obviously a huge risk. I want to protect my health and safety, however I feel like a lot of the condoms I find at the drugstore leave a lot to be desired. Are there are other options for me? Help -Concerned in Canada

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Dear Concerned,

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. As always, we’re happy to help out.

Let’s get real. While most people agree that condoms are necessary, all things considered, they are rarely celebrated. What many people don’t realize is that not all condoms are created equal and what’s offered at your local pharmacy is only a fraction of what’s available for you condom-wise. In other words, you are not doomed! It may just be that you haven’t found the right condom.

If you find that you don’t feel that much when you use condoms (and you're sure you're using the correct size (What size condom do I (or does my partner) need?), try going for a state of the art ultra-thin condom.

Here are 3 ultra-thin condoms that deliver fantastic pleasure and safety:

1. Kimono | Microthin Condoms - Kimono condoms are recognized worldwide as the ultimate in sensitivity and strength. Like wearing nothing at all, Kimono MicroThin is one of the thinnest condoms available. Made with the help of state-of-the-art Japanese technology and slick silicone lubricant,  the Kimono Ultra Thin consistently receive the highest ratings among reviewers and top magazines.

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2. Crown | Skinless Skin Condoms - The name says it all! Made famous in adult films internationally, this condom provides a “bareback” feel and is perfect when you need a more comfortable shape. Made by Okamoto, and featuring the latest in Japanese latex
technology, these condoms are ultra-thin, yet very strong, with no latex smell.

3. Trojan | BareSkin Condoms - Trojan’s very thinnest latex condom ever! In fact, the BareSkin is almost 40% thinner than their standard condoms. Made in Japan, home of the thinnest condoms on the planet, Bareskin takes TROJAN condoms to an entirely different level.

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