Confessions & Wisdom: Recovering From a Sex Drought


Confessions & Wisdom: Recovering From a Sex Drought
Lucky Bloke offers 7 tips for easing back into a fun, safe, and satisfying sex life.

Enter the Lucky Bloke Pleasure Pack. Incredible sexy stuff – like from EUROPE! – tested, sourced, procured, sorted and mailed directly to your door in a box that says THANK THE LORD, MY VAGINA ISN’T GOING TO SHRIVEL INTO NOTHING. Okay, that part is not true, but the fancy (yet, totally affordable) stuff inside will make you want to make your man wear a top hat in bed just so you can throw it off, or leave it on depending on what you’re into! Let's just say you'll now have some tools in your sexy arsenal for some mutual inspiration.

4. Patience.
If you’ve been experiencing an extended drought, you’ve probably be taking care of things on your own. Which is awesome. But, remember that you know your body better than anyone so it’s not going to be the same. If you’re not getting off right away, just chill out and use the time for something useful like making a grocery list. No. No. No, just kidding – I don’t know anyone who would do such a thing!


5. Sense of Humor.
Pretty self explanatory. If you can’t laugh at yourself or your partner, he probably shouldn’t be the oasis to your sexual desert.

6. Confidence.
You have done this at one time. You did make someone’s eyes roll back in their head at some point. (Suggestions 1-5 are going to give you a really great start. So take a deep breath and relax.)

7. Smarts.
For me personally, I don’t want to take birth control if I don’t have to. Adding hormones to my body scares me –and frankly, as much as I'd prefer not to think about it the fact that most carriers of STDs don't even know they have one, as that scares me even more!

So, even though you’ll feel like you’re back in high school, you’re not. You’re much smarter now so be prepared. I’m especially talking to you, ladies.

It is easier than ever to have a drawer stocked full of condoms. For someone lazy like me, or someone who gets embarrassed buying condoms, they can literally come STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR via Lucky Bloke. When it comes to condoms, there are so many options that it makes my head hurt, so I let the experts help and, generally, stick with their Ultimate Condom Sampler! It makes for a fun time when you both get to choose: Will it be ribbed or studded, an ultrathin condom from Japan, a little European goodness? You get the idea.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out with the guy mentioned above, but that’s okay. I have my condoms and lube ready, and am feeling more confident than ever…Next time, we'll start slow, and maybe doing the splits while hanging upside down in a car is in my future…Perhaps, not.

Lucky Bloke extends a huge thank you to our friend in adventure and safety (and guest writer), Meghan Fitz. You can follow Meghan onTwitter. You'll be glad you did!

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