How Do You Make Safe Sex Sexy?


How Do You Make Safer Sex Sexy? [EXPERT]
Find out how sexy communication leads to safer sex.

Unfortunately, though, with the prevalence of sexual violence, we can't afford to just "read the body language." But in the same way that Before Play has made tough conversations about safer sex sexy, there are plenty of ways to make consent sexy. There are sexy dice with the option to opt-out. There's also naughty talk:

  • "Tell me what you want, baby!"
  • "How do you feel about biting?"
  • "I really want to taste, touch, nibble and rub your _______________. May I?"
  • Play a game of "hot and cold." "You're getting warmer. Warmer! Warmer! Oh, Colder."

There are also my personal favorite, "Yes, No, Maybe Charts." I've even had a couple who has been together for twenty five years tell me that "Yes, No, Maybe Charts" spiced up their relationship in ways they never expected! 5 Ways To Get Your Partner In The Mood With a Condom


Perhaps more than anything, though, these require listening. Plain and simple! We must listen to each other!! Sexy communication means safer sex. So the question is, how are you making your sex safer?

We do have a suggestion: is seeking CONDOM REVIEWERS (expert, novice...everyone who uses condoms or would like to try is invited)! - Yes, truly!

For the first ever global review of all premium condom brands:

Lucky Bloke extends a huge thank you to our friend in adventure and safety (and guest writer) Jamie Utt. Jamie Utt is a diversity and inclusion consultant based in Denver, CO. Learn more about his work at To read more of his work, visit his weekly blog here.

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