A Condom That Even Kermit the Frog Would Love


A Condom That Even Kermit the Frog Would Love
It's not easy being green, however being green with a STD would be worse. Lucky Bloke to the rescue.

4. Professor Honeydew: As a man of science, the professor would naturally look for the most innovative condom possible while also leaving some room for some fun experimentation. Contrary to what many people think, condoms are not all one size fits all. Our favorite lab-coat clad scientist doesn’t seem to be tied down to any one Muppet, which why we think the Professor would surely enjoy testing the various options available in Lucky Bloke’s “Not Sure What Size to Buy” Condom Sampler, which offers a range of premium condom styles –pleasure shaped, ultra-thin, ribbed, studded, more head room, and so on – for you to experiment with (in sizes ranging from smaller to larger...and everything in between) Have fun trying them all! After all, it’s all in the name of science right?

5.  The Swedish Chef: When shopping for condoms, we imagine our favorite Scandinavian would look for something that was innovative with Volvo-like safety. We think he’d definitely give his “okee dokee” stamp of approval to the RFSU Profile Magic condom. Imported from Sweden, this ultra-thin luxury condom is made of the silkiest latex, is silicone lubricated and entirely vegan. Although his cooking skills are questionable, the chef would be pleased to learn that RFSU exceeds international condom safety standards.


Ready to improve your sex life with condoms? Head on over to theCondomReview.com where you can buy the best condom samplers available, featuring the top-rated condoms from our recent Global Condom Review. (Based on the findings of 1100 Participants in 21 countries!) Curious about lube? We've got an amazing lube sampler, too!

If you would appreciate some personalized attention, our free Condom Concierge service is available via email. Contact us at getlucky(at)luckybloke(dot)com, and our Condom Experts will assist you in identifying the condoms and lube that are right for you. (No purchase necessary!)

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