Amazing Safer Sex is Just Three Minutes Away!


Amazing Safer Sex is Just Three Minutes Away!
You're not alone if "meh!" is how you'd describe your relationship to condoms. The solution? Read...

Step two - buy a condom sampler in the proper size. 
Lucky Bloke offers all three sizes of condom samplers that will allow you to try fantastic brands and styles you probably have never heard of.  Most people can’t afford to (or aren’t inclined to) go out and buy many different boxes of various condoms to possibly use just one, and discard the rest, while they are figuring out which one they like best.

Knowing this, Lucky Bloke just completed a Global Condom Review with over 800 participants in 28 countries and this is two of many interesting things we learned:


#1. The condom you "think" you are going to love rarely matches with what you actually love.  I cannot tell you how many participants were excited to try textured condoms, and then found out they preferred "ultra-thin" and vice versa. Which makes it pretty difficult to choose a condom with logic alone. Instead you need to sample as many condoms as possible until you have your own personal "Eureka" moment.

#2. One couple’s favorite condom - the one that makes their toes curl and experience through the roof pleasure…is another couple's least favorite condom of all they will never use again. Ever.

So there you go: you really need to try as many different condoms as you can until you find the one that makes you say - “Aha this is it! Wow, Melissa was right! ...Or something like that!”

So to wrap this up, condom manufacturing is more innovative than ever before. Lucky Bloke carries the very best condoms offered in all three sizes.  And if you are wearing the proper fitting condom, you are going to be shocked and delighted by the experience - and both safety and PLEASURE will be heightened.

If you are interested in finding the best possible condom for you, I invite you to join us for Mission: Great Sex! 

Here are some of the results from our recently completed pilot program:

• 83% stated that Mission: Great Sex! introduced them to at least one new favorite condom from a brand or style they’d never heard of before;

• 86% stated that Mission: Great Sex! improved and spiced up their sex life; and,

• 96% stated that Mission: Great Sex! improved their opinion of and relationship to condoms.

Yes, you read that correctly. Using a properly fitting, premium condom greatly improved almost all of our participants relationships to condoms. Resulting in a whole lot of satisfying safer sex.

But, don’t take my word for it.

Grab your favorite partner and put our findings to the test!


Melissa White is the CEO of Lucky Bloke, a premium condom service pioneering a new way of thinking about and buying condoms. Committed to improving both your pleasure and safety, she is currently expanding the Mission: Great Sex! Global Condom Review, and will be seeking 10,000 new reviewers next month. (And you, of course, are invited to join!)

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