7 Tips For Getting Back In The Sack After A Hiatus


7 Tips For Getting Back In The Sack After A Hiatus
Lucky Bloke has some sexy advice for getting your groove back.

4. Pay attention to your partner’s signals.
One of the luxuries of having one consistent partner (over a long period of time) is learning all the aspects that please that person. It’s easy to function on auto-pilot after awhile. If you are learning to get in synch with your partner, it’s going to take some exploring and awareness on your part. One of the greatest turn-ons is seeing your partner turned on, so pay attention!

5. Groom yourself.
Yes, everyone has different preferences. But porn from 2012 looks a bit different than porn from the 60s – and for a reason. You get my point.


6. Express your needs with tact.
Everyone has their own personal interests, tastes, and desires. There is a way to express your desires and still make your partner feel valued and respected. If you master this art, you will be blown away with your partner’s desire to please you. Well, unless they dig a firm scolding… [Grin]. Again, you get my point.

7. Have fun!
Listen to your intuition. Be mindful of your protection and health, but most of all enjoy! Yes, lighten up. It will be as serious or as daunting as you make it…If you are tuned into giving and receiving pleasure…that is what you will get…


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Lucky Bloke extends a huge thank you to our friend in adventure and safety (and guest writer) Amy E. Smith. Amy is a certified and credentialed personal and couples life coach specializing in making intimate relationships joyful and thrilling.

Learn more about her work and snag some great freebies at www.TheJoyJunkie.com.

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