5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing a Condom


5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing Condoms [EXPERT]
The right condoms might make all the difference in the world ...

Excuse #5: Of course, I've been tested. You should just trust me.

Beware, this tops the list! And, sadly, is probably the most common "excuse" of them all. It puts you in a no-win situation. Love and (Safe) Sex: How Do You Have The STD Talk?


Why it's bull: You know what? Using a condom shows that you both care about yourselves and each other! Having sex without wearing a condom is not an act that builds trust. Instead, it is an act that can occur as a result of already-built trust. Knowing that your partner will be there for you if sex results in a pregnancy, and knowing that your partner is not exposing you to a sexually transmitted infection, are what enables you to trust them with the act of bare-back sex. See how that works? Trust is earned.

The lucky news: Ladies, you do not have to give in to his excuse or go without sex. Instead, turn that line right back on him and say, "I have this amazing condom from Lucky Bloke that you’ll love. Trust me." Bonus points if you offer a little oral! Let's be honest, what guy is going to turn that down? How Do You Keep Sex Fresh?

With a Lucky Bloke, (remember to check out the Ultimate Condom Sampler if you don’t know which brands you like yet), you can be prepared with quite the assortment. Offer to try them all out with him (again and again). He'll forget he ever wanted to go without a condom. Cheers to your ultimate health...and pleasure!

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Lucky Bloke extends a huge thank you to our friend in adventure, pleasure and safety (and guest writer) Leigh Anne Sanders. Leigh Anne is a Lucky Bloke Brand Ambassador, Psychology Major and all-around sexy lady!

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