5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing a Condom


5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing Condoms [EXPERT]
The right condoms might make all the difference in the world ...

Excuse #3: Sex will feel better without a condom.

Now, perhaps, this is a genuine interest in you both feeling good, or it could be just a load of crap to get out of wearing a condom. Regardless, how do you think a case of syphilis or gonorrhea feels? How about dealing with herpes flare-ups for the rest of your life? How Do You Make Safe Sex Sexy?


Why it's bull:  Condoms have come so far that in a lot of ways, sex can actually be enhanced when wearing a condom. Most importantly, you can feel safe knowing that you have greatly reduced your risk of catching an STI or getting pregnant when you aren't ready to. Think of a condom as a sex accessory. A well-fitting condom can make him feel bigger (like when a shirt is tailored so the girls look like they're a few sizes bigger than they are), and many now have shapes and textures that can give you quite the thrill and lubes that will increase sensation for both of you. 

The lucky news: For those who are die-hard fundamentalists when it comes to sex, Lucky Bloke offers condoms like Okamoto 004 (brand-new from Japan) for those of you who really do prefer the sensation of sex without a condom. This gives you the feeling you want and the protection you should have. If you want an increased charge, try TROJAN's Her Pleasure Ecstasy or TROJAN's very latest charged arousal enhanced condom.

Excuse #4: Condoms smell and taste gross ... and that's a turn-off.

This is antiquated information and should be discarded as readily as, "You only need a nickel to make a call at the pay phone." Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex And Sexual Health

Why it's bull: That awful latex-y smell that reminds us all of the dentist's office was a huge complaint for countless people for a long time. Do you think the condom industry just ignored your cries? Hardly! GLYDE, in particular, has developed lines of condoms that have great tastes and smells specifically to address that issue ... and the results are amazing! 6 Condoms To Rev Your Sex Life From Ho-Hum To Woo-Hoo!

The lucky news: There is a line of Glyde condoms available through Lucky Bloke that has some of the yummiest flavors you'll find anywhere. These condoms were made with the same flavoring that is used in food products, and that creates a superior flavor that you'll actually enjoy. This is not latex cover-up, but genuine goodness. Try these condoms in strawberry, vanilla, and especially wildberry!

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