5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing a Condom


5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing Condoms [EXPERT]
The right condoms might make all the difference in the world ...

Excuse #2: They don't make condoms that fit me.

Oh yeah, we've all heard this one. Either the guy claims that he is so big that there are no condoms available to fit him or he worries that he is too small (usually he means too narrow) for a condom to stay on. What nearly every guy knows, but a lot of ladies don't always realize, is that a lot of the difference in men's sizes is in their girth, rather than their length, and that girth needs to be carefully considered when choosing a condom size.


Why it's bull: There is a deluge of condoms on the market today, all in a variety of smells, tastes, materials, and yes, sizes. There are condoms that are as small as 1.25" in diameter and ones as large as 2.3" in diameter. You would be hard-pressed to find a sexually active man who didn't fall in that range!  Need help determining his condom size? Find it here: http://www.luckybloke.com/choose-size

The lucky news:
LuckyBloke.com offers 3Sum by Lifestyle as a snug-fitting option and then some. This delightful condom is the snuggest-fitting condom available in the US with ribs and, studs for your absolute pleasure. And, it is nice and snug to give him a sense of excitement and security. For those big boys out there, Lucky Bloke offers ONE's The Legend — with its unique, easy-roll shape, it features a little extra breathing room at the base and tip to enhance comfort. ONE has ensured a secure fit in the middle, so you can push your sexual limits with confidence. Good Lovers Come In Many Sizes & Other Truths

Aren't sure what is right for you? We recommend the Lucky Bloke Ultimate Condom Sampler. At just $6.99, it is a small price to pay for being prepared with an assortment of the best international condoms available. It also is available in all three sizes! Or maybe you would you like an assortment of smaller condoms with a more tailored fit? Would you like a standard fit condom assortment? How about a sampler with a variety of larger condoms? Remember, whatever your adventure...we've got you covered!  Do I Have To Settle For Subpar Sex?

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