5 Ways To Hotter Valentines Sex With A Condom


5 Ways To Hotter Valentines Sex With A Condom
Safer sex can be oh-so very pleasurable. Simply take note of these five tips...and enjoy!

For a “barely there” sensation, try an ultra thin condom like Billy Boy Extra Lubricated that’s ultra thin AND ultra wet (what’s not to like?) If you’re looking for something slightly exotic to add increased pleasure, check out the LifeStyles 3Sum which is ribbed and studded for added stimulation and pleasure. Condoms can also help stimulate arousal. The Trojan Charged Arousal condom is designed to warm & excite with an orgasmic lubricant made of ginger, maca, and L-Arginine (inside + out) for heightened mutual pleasure to the extreme.

3. Increased confidence comes from within. (But we can help!)
You know that sexy strut you get everytime you put on your favorite jeans? The same is true, when you find a condom that works for you. Each person’s sexiest condom is a highly personal experience. One person’s favorite condom might be another person's least favorite condom. 


Lucky Bloke make is so easy to get it right. Our ten Ultimate Condom Samplers are the easiest (most affordable) way to try a wide variety of the best condoms from around the world and discover what works best for you and your partner. Finding a condom that feels amazing and gives you that magic “Eureka!” moment, leads to greater confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom. Yes, trying out one of Lucky Bloke’s ten sexy condom samplers is a great way to launch your mission for better sex.

4. Have more Sex & Save the World. Why not?!
Condoms not only help keep you safe and increase pleasure, they also do a world of good outside of the bedroom. The new L. condoms partners with development organizations to support women and HIV/AIDS prevention. And, 10% of every Lucky Bloke purchase goes to support urgent humanitarian causes. (Current causes include: charity: water,  It Gets Better Project, and UNICEF.) Yes, the more great sex you have, the more good you are doing for our planet.

5. The element of surprise van be very sexy!
We've yet to meet the man who doesn't want to have sex. (Especially when he's with someone as beautiful and alluring as you!) It might surprise you to know, often men are confused when it comes to selecting condoms too. You'll be protecting yourself and improving your sex life if you increase your condom knowledge and have your own condoms on hand. You can then stop using the crappy condoms neither of you like. Once your new condoms arrive, it isn't going to take long for you both to be surprised at how hot sex with premium condoms can be. Lucky you.


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