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Are Guys Under 25 Interested in Relationships?

Are Guys Under 25 Interested in Relationships?

Hi Lucia,

I seem to have the same pattern. I meet younger guys (under 25) who seem very interested and we go out. They do and say the right things. I don’t sleep around and usually wait 2 months. However, suddenly they’re gone - no calls or texts.

I might text once to say hello but I don't chase guys or blow up their phones. This is nothing new and has been happening for years. Why does this keep happening to me? Scarlett Marie

Hi Scarlett,

The answer to your question lies in your first sentence – they’re under 25. These days, most guys under 25 are looking for sex first and possibly a relationship afterwards.

Of course they act interested in the beginning – because they are- but they are interested in sex. They are used to girls giving it up within the first 3 dates and if it doesn’t happen, unless there’s an emotional connection, they will move on. Since you don’t have anything solid with them, they don’t feel they need to actually break up with you and that’s why you don’t hear from them anymore.

If you're looking for something more solid, I would suggest you date older.


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