Chemistry, Values and Other Things… How Do I Know He Is the One?


Chemistry, Values and Other Things… How Do I Know He Is the One?
Our biggest problem is that we are disconnected from our deepest desires. When it comes to choosing

And as far as common interests are concerned, that’s not a must at all. It’s nice to have something to do together, but it’s also nice to have a life apart from your partner, so that you come back to each other refreshed and re-energized. After all, your interests are not set in stone. Chances are you will discover something you love doing together as you go along.

No doubt, chemistry is important in a romantic relationship. If someone repels you physically, he is probably not suitable to be your life partner. But here is the thing about chemistry: it grows on you. When you know someone well, you don’t notice their features any more. When you speak to them, you relate to their inner being behind the face. Have you noticed that with people you are close to?


Also, it’s hard to imagine that someone you feel a close connection with, would be so repellent to you that he can’t be more than a friend. If that’s the case, I want to ask you: are you sure you are not driven by a mental image in your head instead of your heart?

Are you being a perfectionist? If so, try to relax that. Going after perfect looks will narrow your choices and pull your focus away from what’s important. Shift your focus to the person behind the face. Practice acceptance.

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