Is Low Self-Esteem Hurting Your Relationship?

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woman with poor body image looking in funhouse mirror
It's hard to accept love in a relationship if you don't love yourself first.

The way someone eats is the way they do everything.  People obsessed with being thin may:

1. Talk about how overweight they are despite being thin by "normal" standards. 


2. Religiously count calories or track fat content of food.

3. Lose focus. Being thin takes priority in their lives. They spend their time, energy and resources to support their obsessive worry that they are not good enough.

To disengage with these destructive habits, they need to embrace a positive, balanced look at food.  Some easy ways to start include:

  1. Avoid zero calorie and low-fat foods.
  2. Stop skipping meals.
  3. Start practicing positive self-talk.
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