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Your ideal partner is looking for someone just like YOU - there is nothing to change, only learn to accept who you really are! -Debi Berndt

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 I am the author of the bestselling new book, LET LOVE IN: OPEN YOUR HEART & MIND TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL PARTNER (Wiley 2010) nominated by for BEST DATING BOOK IN 2010! I am the co-founder of Creative Love(r) with my partner, Dr. Roberto Maldonado, psychologist and relationship and Jungian specialist.

I've been around block in love as well as in the media. My work has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, COSMOPOLITAN, NATURAL HEALTH, PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY, COMPLETE WOMAN, PLAYBOY RADIO and many more media outlets. I am also a highly-trained certified clinical hypnotherapist and certified life coach and instructor at the International Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology.

I have helped thousands of single men and woman across the world find true love with by creating Conscious Chemistry (tm) with the person who is meant for the true you.. Visit my Love Advice Blog and get a free downloadable How to Create Consicous Chemistry Video Series at I live in Los Angeles, CA with the love of my life, Robert, and my business partner. Who knew that after 40, I could find a man this smart, sexy and wonderful. I know you can too!

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I wasn't always a dating expert. Just like Thomas Edison had to try a thousand times before he discovered the light bulb, I had to suffer over a thousand heartaches before I finally got my love life on track and met my wonderful life partner. My search for love has lead me down a path to help others increase confidence, discover their passion and get their mind in the right place to attract the love they deserve. I started this work in 2000 and have been helping people ever since to discover their own inner beauty and gifts so that they can attract what they are worthy of in life.

I approach my work as a partner in your quest for love from the standpoint of someone who has been out there and knows how hard it is. I know the heartache, the depression, the feeling left out, the infatuations with Mr. Wrongs and the meaningless flings that I convinced myself would turn into something more. I’ve been there and it can be extremely frustrating and lonely being single. You see, you have all the knowledge already at this point. You know what you need to do, you just need to find a way to love yourself unconditionally.

You are not broken or need to be fixed. All you have to do is realize that and relationships will be much easier for you. Our Creative Love Process uses a unique three-part process including my ground-breaking advanced visualizations. It helps you retrain your thinking which leads to the actions and feelings that drive your experience. By discovering how wonderful you are on the inside, you will soon emulate that image out into the world.

My program is developed by psychologist Dr. Roberto Maldonado using the latest research in social neuroscience, western psychology and eastern philosophy. Much of our program is based on the work of Carl Jung and the individuation process.

You don't have to fix yourself or play dating games. No more games, no rules of conduct, just simply stepping into your power as an amazing person. No matter what happened in the past, in this moment you can be the wonderful you.

Success Stories

Let Love In Book Review - It works!


This book really says it all. It gets right into our subconscious minds and changes our old patterns. I've also been a client of Debra's and have been doing private hypnosis sessions, which I love. I feel so much better than when I first started. I just finished the book, even though I have had it for over a month, one reason is that I wanted to really do the exercises and take it all in. Therefore, I am finally feeling good and men are finally recognizing my worth and I am also recognizing my worth. I am finally attracting respectful, nice, honest and ATTRACTIVE men. Things are finally kicking in thanks to Debra and her book "Let Love In"...Because I am ready to give and receive LOVE! Thank you Debra!!!

-LC, Philadelphia, PA

Best investment of my life

Debra's book and our sessions have been one of the best investments I have made in myself. Through the work we have been doing together the past five months, I have made more progress than I had in years of therapy. I am very thankful and grateful to Debra for helping me to find my one true love - MYSELF! And, because of the love and confidence I feel for myself, I have met a very special man that could be the "one"!

-F. Pennachio, Queens, NY

You changed my life

Debra has helped me to change the course of my life in a most miraculous way... we're all responsible for our choices and ultimately our lives but receiving assistance as we travel our journey is not only beneficial but sometimes very necessary. Debra helped to create an awareness in my spirit, which allowed the process of healing and spiritual growth to be accelerated, which then took me to places in life that I never could have imagined. Everything became new again and I was able to take the risks that I otherwise may not have had the courage to take. I feel like a brand new creature with an amazing life that I created and Debra showed me how to do that. Thanks so much Deb... I love you :)"

-K.C., Orlando, FL

My attractor vibes have changed

"I have listened for a month and have for the first time in my life realized and visualized what it is I want in a partner. It’s funny over the last few weeks, past boyfriends have been calling me out of nowhere and people in the grocery store at at events have been more apt come up to me and start a conversation. I think my attractor vibes are finally on the right frequency. I feel as if I am ready to attract my perfect mate. Thanks so much." -L.C. Los Angeles, CA

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