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How Being kind Can Attract A Great Man

I was recently at a singles event on a panel of relationship experts and they asked me to describe the most important dating tip for single women. The advice actually didn’t come from me but out of a conversation I had with Roberto when we first met. He had dated a few women online before me and he told me ...

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Are you looking for the finish line in love?

Many singles believe that they will be complete when their ideal partner arrives. They look forward to the time when the hard road of singlehood is over and they can relax in the comfort and safety of a relationship. They can celebrate as they finally reach the love finish line. It may seem comforting to know ...

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Learn the One Rule for Love and Dating

Are you playing with the law of attraction and dating, getting frustrated with all the rules? Isn’t it strange how you hear advice from different teachers and they seem to contradict each other? I dove into the personal development to find the secret to love and found myself spinning from one teaching to ...

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How to be heartbreak free!

Romantic love is filled with ups and downs. Almost everyone has had an experience of heartache whether a person has been married fifty years to his high school sweetheart or has been single into her forties. If you were like me, you probably had more of your fair share of love disappointments. I learned through ...

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Ordering Love Like A Latte

You walk into Starbucks® and see the menu of options. You wonder if you should you get the grande or the tall, the cappuccino or the latte. The line is moving and it is almost your turn. There is a little tension building inside of you about what to order as if the world will fall apart if you picked the ...

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Love Note

How Being kind Can Attract A Great Man

Simple acts of kindness can lift your spirits and draw love into your life.

Hope Street

Are you looking for the finish line in love?

If you think all of your problems will be solved when you find your man. that is a bigger problem.

Truth Lie Sign

Learn the One Rule for Love and Dating

Stop following contradictory rules and focus on just one to see the best results in attracting love.

single enjoy 2

How to be heartbreak free!

Stop avoiding love and step into romance with power using this advice.


Ordering Love Like A Latte

Don't you wish you could order your true love as easy as a latte? Find out how.

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