Why Hire a Dating and Relationship Coach?


What is really the funniest part of all is when you decide to make a change for the better its almost like the universe turns up the volume and every one of your fears gets amplified screaming back at you "oh ya change that why doncha" This is the part where you get to laugh because that really is God's sense of humor. A coach is someone who can be there to remind you of these little paradoxes in life and help you laugh when you feel like giving up. We can remind you of the things you promised yourself in your weaker moments of temptation like when that incredibly sexy, downright desirable bad boy is singing your song and you have sworn to yourself you are not walking down that dark road again. Although we cannot make choices for you nor can we tell you what choices to make but we can support you in the choices you make for yourself and be there to pick you up and dust you off when you fall off the wagon so to speak.
Relationships are downright frustrating at times. How is it that the person who can give you so much pleasure can also cause you so much grief? Ah yes back to the paradox of life again. Well with a lot of understanding, patience, openness and discipline relationships can improve and love can flow more freely. You can't change your partner but you can change yourself and how you react to your partner. Coaches are here to help you identify the things that work for you in relationship and the things that don't. When you have two will parties wanting to improve a relationship even better but it can be done alone as well. I know from my own personal experience just how hard it is not to fall into unhealthy behaviors even when I have been intimately aware of what I need not be doing. Sometimes the charge can be so strong, just like a junkie who needs their fix, we struggle so hard to not want to fall into our pattern. A good coach is there for you in these times when you feel you cannot break free so to speak. If you can catch yourself in the split second before you loose your cool or make that call or say something you will regret or worse do something you will definitely regret and reach out to someone who genuinely cares and knows what you are struggling with - change can occur. Life is difficult and so is loving ourselves and each other at times. If we all support ourselves in this journey - imagine how brightly we can get the world to shine.

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