Tired of the Bar Scene? - Check out 12 Hot Spots for Meeting 30+ Singles!


It is really a mini bio on wheels. Make a point of saying hello and striking up a conversation with at least five new people every time you go shopping. With practice it will become second nature to make conversation over how to tell if a rock melon is ripe or what cut of beef is best for grilling on the barbecue etc. Then when you really do come across someone who takes your breath away and doesn't have a shopping trolley that spells married, you can rest assured that all your practice will pay off and conversation will flow. Shopping can be fun, make sure you look presentable ( ie change out of your pajama bottoms and wear a fresh T shirt) and bear in mind late night grocery shoppers are more often than not single as they are not at home with their families and they are wandering around with a sort of uhhh single look about them.

10. The Laundry Mat


Ok please bear with me on this one. I know its hard to imagine in some communities that a laundry mat would be a desirably place to meet anyone but keep in mind a lot of very cool inner city dwellers live in older apartments without room for their own washing machines and dryers. Think New York and that sexy commercial where the guy takes off his levis right in the laundry mat. If you live in an apartment which has laundry facilities on each floor or in the basement this is definitely dates in the making material. What better way to meet someone you like in your building plus you can check out their taste in underwear at the same time! So many ways to make a nice gesture to someone you think is hot in a laundry mat. You can help them make change, lend them some soap powder, tell them how to get a stain out, switch over their machines, grab them a coffee when you get yourself one - list goes on and on.

11. The Book Store

Is this not what great romance movies are made of. Classic meetings in book stores talking through the stacks. Well apart from the fact that no one appreciates people that try to talk to them when they are reading books they don't own and have no intention of buying - book stores are great places to meet like minded folk. If you hang out in your favorite section (try to venture out of the self help department folks) you can almost rest assured that you will meet someone interesting. Ironically, people still buy good books and read them. Amazon.com has definitely taken away a bit of business from the good old book store but for true literary die hards nothing beats the smell of books in the morning...

12. Airports and Transit Stations

Airports bring people together in more ways then one. Long delays, line ups and cancellations occur on a regular basis - how convenient for meeting sexy singles. When you have hours to kill and not much to do except buy things your don't need at duty free or expensive mediocre meals that always leave you wanting more, you would be amazed at how easy it is to strike up a conversation with the spartan lad in the seat across from you. Content is key - complaining about delays and poor airline service is tedious at best. Why not help both of you take your mind of the long wait by speaking about something your are passionate about! If you have a soft spot for adventurous, spontaneous, fun loving sorts this is undoubtedly the place to be!

So there you have some prime locations for some serious hunting. Please remember that your dating success still rests largely on you.

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