Tired of the Bar Scene? - Check out 12 Hot Spots for Meeting 30+ Singles!


Your natural sparkle will be more than enough to attract potential suitors to you.

6. Home Depot and hardware stores


Believe it or not these chains stores are prime hunting grounds and definitely deserve a mention. Throw away your preconceptions that every man in a hardware store is married and every woman found there is crazed feminist who will tear a strip off you for holding open the door. Lets face it - economic hardship and the knowledge that fixing up and maintaining your home can be an extremely profitable activity. I don't know about you but a man in work boots is right up there on my list of sexy and a woman who can fix her own faucet is bound to impress. There is no harm in asking someones opinion on things or asking advice especially because you practically need a GPS system to find service rep in these big box stores. If you are wondering if they are single - look for a ring or indirectly ask in conversation (ie what color would your partner choose?) Check out line ups are exactly that places to check people out!

7. Extreme Adventures and Group Excursions

Nothing brings people closer than the fear of death. If you want to get to know someone in a hurry sit on a plane with them before they take their first skydive, climb with them to the top of a bungee jump, or sit on a bus with them before a river rafting adventure. No doubt all will be revealed! If adrenaline isn't your drug of choice, take it down a notch and consider a hiking, birdwatching, whale watching excursion. Still heaps of time to make friends and be an encouragable flirt. Garden tours, theme cruises, travel adventure the list goes on and on. Whatever, you are interested in there are always others who will pay to join a like minded group and avoid having to go it alone. Nowadays many of these excursion groups advertise as singles activities, so you don't even have to worry if you will be the only single in a sea of couples. If group activities don't really cut if for you - fly solo on your next great adventure you never know who you will meet in your travels. The important lesson is don't wait for your life partner to start living today.

8. The Office

A certain amount of decorum is necessary for pulling of the office hook up. The last thing you want is to be chasing your employer's secret lover or dealing with a sexual harassment officer! You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt if someone is interested in you at work. They will find every reason to be near you, wind up at the photocopier at the same time, bring you coffee, invite you for after work drinks etc. If you like them no doubt you will be doing exactly the same things. The good thing about the office is that you can rest assured you will get to run into your crush day after day so no need to rush things. Take note of how they treat their colleagues, keep their desk and deal with crisis you can tell a lot about how they will behave in a relationship by how they behave at work. Remember to read your signals carefully as the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable around a fellow colleague who clearly has no personal interest in you http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifie (don't send them 24 red roses and watch for their reaction as they open the card)

9. The Supermarket

One of my personal favorites - at the end of the day everyone has to eat. However, not everyone cooks. You can tell a great deal about someone by what they have in their shopping trolleys.

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