Tired of the Bar Scene? - Check out 12 Hot Spots for Meeting 30+ Singles!


Most importantly take something that will expand you as a person and that you are passionate about. Classroom environments are flirt centrals. Use your breaks and after class time to strike up conversation about what going on in class, people are always charmed to be able to have a say about what they think about a particular subject.

3. Benefit Dinner or Fundraiser


Well one thing is for certain - there is no shortage of these types of events! Choose a cause that you feel strongly about and make a donation towards improving the world. The beauty of this strategy is that you already know that the souls you are going to meet at a fundraiser are people who like to give back to society and believe in the same causes as you do - common ground right off the bat! If your budget permits why not attend a black and white event - what can be more romantic than seeing potential mates dressed to the nines! Silent auctions and other fund raising activities are great opportunities to crack jokes or show enthusiasm. Make sure you hang around for happy hr after the main event to be able to share your thoughts with like minded others. If you are on a tighter budget or no budget at all for extra curricular activities become a volunteer and help raise funds for your chosen cause. Door knockers or canvassers are always help in high regard if there for good reason. What a fantastic excuse for saying hello to complete strangers remember a smile goes for miles!

4. Pet Parade

Thanks to the sad fact that local councils are making the pet friendly areas in our cities and towns smaller and smaller - the concentration of dog walkers in pet friendly zones has intensified. For the pet loving single this means the chances of meeting a fellow pet lover on your daily jaunt with Fifi just that much more likely. If you haven't got a pooch of your own - borrow a friend's or a family member's and join the fun. Dog owners, like their dogs come in all shapes and sizes and the one commonality they all share is they love to talk about their furry friends. Obviously, if you sense that their pet love has reached a point where you are thinking they need to attend your Co dependents Anonymous class you might want to keep walking but all in all the pet parade can be heaps of fun as long as your dog knows how to play nicely. If manners is what your beast is lacking you can still meet a potential mate at your local dog obedience class.

5. Weddings, Christenings and dare I say Funerals?

If you can get past the fact that you have to attend yet another event that highlights everything you are missing in your life ( like a life partner or a baby hopefully not death!) Life celebrations are right up there in the list of places to meet your match. If the bride has her act together she will be sure to seat you at a table with other singles (preferably not the children) If the action isn't happening at your table, be sure to take a wander to other tables and say hello or make your way to the dance floor and dance like no one is watching ( however,save what you learned in your pole dancing class for another day.) Even though it might be tempting to get completely trashed at such an event - in word - DON'T. You are doing yourself absolutely no justice by getting loaded and acting like a tragic character out of "The Wedding Singer" Instead enjoy the natural rush of celebrating love, new life or even a great life passing.

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