19 Principles to Banish Love Life Misery Forever


True love may
be more accurately defined as unconditional
love, which is loving without any expectations
of anything in return.

You no longer need to worry about “true love” or
if someone really loves you.


Instead, accept that “true love” is more often (but
not always) projection, illusion, or a state of mind
than an actual connection between two people.

16) Confusing sex with love.

You no longer need to try to combine sex and love
every time or judge yourself or others for expressing
your/their sexual selves responsibly.

Instead, accept that sex is not love, and love is not
sex, but love can be expressed through sex. Also,
refrain from judging those who choose to express
their sexual selves responsibly and honestly.

17) Resisting transitions. It's not easy to let go
when a partner wants out. But after doing all you
can to make it work, if they’ve already made up their
mind, it's pointless to try to manipulate the situation.
You can resist and generate more unhappiness, or
accept what is and let go.

You no longer need to be afraid of love life endings
or transitions.

Accept that when it’s over, it’s over, and endings can
lead to wonderful new beginnings. Be grateful for
what you experienced, and move on. Even if they do
decide to return to you some day, letting go now will
not interfere with that. In fact, it will allow you to see
the situation clearly and if it's really in your best
interest to accept them back into your life beyond

18) “When you’re in love you don’t need to be
cautious about safe-sex and birth control.” The
illusion of security that a dating situation or a
traditional relationship provides can sometimes
lead to STDs and, or unwanted pregnancies.

Be aware of and protect yourself from unplanned
pregnancies and STDs at all times. The number
of sexual partners you have doesn’t put you at risk,
what you do or don’t do with each person does.

Accept that love or lust doesn’t protect you from
unplanned pregnancies or STDs and respect
yourself and others by practicing safe sex and
using two forms of birth control, every time.

19) Falling for someone online is the same as
Doing so in-person. Chemistry, or a perceived
chemistry, can be very different online or by phone
than it is face-to-face. Because of this, it’s not
recommended that you chat, email, or talk for more
than a week or two before meeting. If you are not
able to meet in the near future, at least try to keep
your expectations in check and don’t make the
mistake of assuming you’ve met a love of your life
until you’ve spent a lot of time together, in person.

You no longer need to spend time and energy
creating romantic fantasies online, or worrying about
whether that person online will seem as ideal in-person.

Instead, focus on local possibilities and accept that it’s
usually not a good idea to chat, email, or talk to a
potential date for extended periods before meeting

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