19 Principles to Banish Love Life Misery Forever


For example, anyone who
wants to cannot become an NBA basketball star;
only those born with the talent and physical
attributes that are needed, and whose destined
path includes it, will be able to reach such goal.
Likewise, it’s good to know what you want for
your love life, but going with the flow and when
it’s not meant to be will help you avoid additional
stress and heartache.

You no longer need to worry about spending more
energy than you have to create the perfect love life.


Instead, accept that you have free will within the
confines of your fate and karma to make the most
of your love life.

12) The Prince/Princess Charming syndrome.
People are generally conditioned from an early
age to believe they need to find the one perfect
person to meet all of their needs for the rest of
their life. This is impossible, but many still strive
for it and then think they "failed" if their
expectations aren't met. Distorted idealism and
sky-high expectations will usually set one up for

You no longer need to worry about finding or being
Prince/Princess Charming.

Instead, accept that Prince/Princess Charming
doesn’t exist, know what you like and what works
for you, meet most of your own requirements in a
match, and keep in mind that each person you
meet is for different reasons.

13) “It’s all their fault.” Instead of blaming, consider
your role in the situation. Example 1: "The man I'm
dating has a fear of commitment." Ask yourself
why you chose (on some level) a person who doesn't
want a commitment. He is, in some way, a reflection
of you, and it may help to consider the pros and cons
of committing from his viewpoint as well. Example 2:
"The people I date usually want me to change and
never like me for me." It’s possible you're not
accepting/loving yourself for who you are and, or
you're not being the best you can be in some way
(usually appearance or personality). Example 3:
"Everyone I date/all my ex-spouses couldn't be
monogamous." Sometimes if someone consciously
or subconsciously prefers or needs variety, but they
repress it (because society tells them it’s wrong),
they'll attract someone who'll express it for them.

You no longer need to worry about someone else
living up to your expectations or being perfect.

Instead, accept your part of the responsibility in
situations and accept yourself and others as they

14) Waiting for the chemistry to magically
Appear. It's important to feel a physical attraction to
the person who might become your significant other.
It's either there or it isn't, and sometimes it's not
obvious at first. But when it's not there, and you
simply hope the sexual chemistry will develop over
time, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

You no longer need to worry about creating or
waiting for chemistry.

Instead, pay attention to the energy connection
and accept that chemistry is either there, or it’s

15) “True Love.” This term is tossed around a lot,
but it means different things to different people
and everyone loves differently.

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