19 Principles to Banish Love Life Misery Forever


This doesn’t mean you should
discard a relationship at the first sign of conflict, but to
be honest and aware of yourself and the situation so
you can make the most of it.

7) "The relationship failed if it didn't last a
lifetime.” As mentioned above, our findings show that
all relationships have destined beginnings and endings.
Some are meant to be short-term (even if the couple
chooses to stay together as, essentially, roommates),
and some are meant to be long-term.


You no longer need to worry about “failing” or how
long a relationship lasts.

Instead, accept that the length of a relationship is
irrelevant and what’s more important is what you
learned from each other.

8) “My twin soul or twin flame.” Supposedly, if you
find the “other half” of your soul, if you believe in
this concept, you will experience a love relationship
of the highest kind. This sounds nice, but common
sense, along with our findings, clearly point to the
idea that the theory is a complete myth. One of the
problems with this belief is that it may cause people
to have incredibly high expectations of partners that
no one could possibly meet. It's always best to accept
each partner and relationship as they are meant to be,
rather than what you want them to be.

You no longer need to worry about finding that one
perfect person out of the billions of people in the world.

Instead, be the best you can be and you will connect
with others who are striving for the same.

9) “My Other Half.” Two half people create a
dysfunctional mess. If you don’t feel that you are
relatively whole and happy on your own, you may
not be ready for a relationship. Realizing why, perhaps
through therapy, and making the most of yourself will
eventually allow you to be happy and single and
experience a more compatible relationship.

You no longer need to worry about being completed
by or trying to complete someone else.

Instead, accept that no one can be another’s “other
half” and that you are already a whole person.

10) More than just romance. Romance is great, but
our findings firmly suggest that relationships tend to
be more for personal learning and growth, so a more
realistic approach is recommended.

You no longer need to worry if you or a mate is being
romantic enough.

Instead, accept that romance is not the main purpose
of relationships, yet enjoy it when it’s appropriate.

11) “You can create whatever you want.”
Many of today’s New Age and self-help authors
claim you can create whatever you want in relation
to love matters or the rest of your life. However,
we agree with many of the ancient practitioners
(and also those from the Middle Ages and beyond,
up to about 1600) of astrology and number
mysticism: Everyone does have free will, but
personal fate and karma (both “good” and “bad”)
also exist, especially in regards to love. This
means that you’re born with fated circumstances
in motion, but you have free will, within the
confines of your fate and karma, to make the
most of any situation.

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