19 Principles to Banish Love Life Misery Forever


Our findings
dictate that people meet who they’re supposed to meet,
when they are supposed to meet them, and everyone’s
love timing is different.

You no longer need to worry about meeting a compatible
partner by a certain age.


Instead, accept that everyone meets their most compatible
soul mate at different times in their lives and that you will
meet who you are meant to meet, when you are meant to
meet them, for the purposes for which you are meant to
meet them. Of course, making the most of yourself and
learning to be happy on your own can only help.

4) “You are my one and only, forever.” Strict,
long-term monogamy can work temporarily, but it may
be unnatural for some, and considering the high rates
of cheating, the majority of people are unable to actually
live it permanently.

You no longer need to worry if someone will be faithful
to you forever or if someone will “steal” a partner from

Instead, accept that if a long-term relationship is meant
to be, it will be. Also, realize that strict, long-term
monogamy may not always be appropriate or reasonable
for everyone, yet that doesn’t give anyone a license to lie or

5) “You are my everything.” This is the ideal, and
certainly a nice thought, but how many can live up to
such high standards? Frankly, it’s often unrealistic and
unfair to expect one person to fulfill all your needs for
the rest of your life.

You no longer need to worry about being all things to
one person.

Instead, accept that this is impossible and that you
and a partner are both free to develop enriching and
rewarding friendships that will positively influence
you and your relationship.

6) “Together forever.” It’s okay to hope that a
relationship lasts “forever.” Unfortunately, most
don’t. Our findings indicate that all relationships
have destined beginning and ending times. If you
think about it, it really doesn't make much sense to
expect a relationship to last from age 25 to 85 since
everyone is always evolving, changing, improving,
and sometimes regressing at different rates.

Are you the same person you were 20 years ago?
Probably not. Do you expect your best friend from
6th grade to be your best friend when you're 80?
It can happen, but it's rare. Do you expect to have
your first job for the rest of your life? No. Granted,
many couples can "grow old" together and are
destined to do so, but for others, it's just not meant
to be long term. Resisting this will only cause more
heartache and stress.

You no longer need to worry about finding someone
who will be compatible for a lifetime.

Instead, accept that many relationships are not meant
to last an entire lifetime, especially when started under
the age of 27 or so. Surely, you’ve experienced a
friendship that has run its course. Love relationships
are similar in that way.

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