Why You Shouldn't Take Everything So Personally


Why You Shouldn't Take Everything So Personally
Take a chill pill.

And then we fantasized … what if I had to pee or get a drink, and simply said "I'll be right back" and got my needs met?

There is a lot to learn from the men in our lives. I know this sounds ridiculous, but perhaps we need to be reminded that getting a drink of water or going to pee does not mean we love or respect or care less about others. All it means is there is a need to be met. The insidiousness of what we were taught and what we pass along to our children — that women need to put their needs aside in order to first "take care of the needs of others" — has to change.

I have a revolutionary idea. Let's make a deal, when it's time to pee, eat, drink or sleep, we will!

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