Should Anthony Weiner Be Forgiven?


Should Anthony Weiner Be Forgiven?
Sexting is common among teenagers, but with politicians too?

As a man, we can all see Weiner is a rather pathetic replica of a man. We can in fact, feel sorry for him and his lovely wife, as they are clearly struggling with some serious infidelity issues. He needs to face the severity of his problem, fix this marriage, get therapy, not be out there trying to run New York City.

We can forgive him, but we do not have to trust him. And we do not need to be the karma police. Forgiveness does not mean we forget. Forgiveness does not mean to stupidly trust over and over. It also doesn't mean we condone his poor behavior. When we see a pattern of misbehavior, we do not have to engage in it to forgive. Forgiveness means that we accept the fact that he has a problem and with that being said, we can let go of the need to punish, to retaliate, to change what has been done.

Forgiveness, yes of course. Mayor, absolutely not.

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