Is 2013 Your Year To Find Love?


Is 2013 Your Year To Find Love?
A 10 week plan to find love, romance, and a real partner this year!

7. Sort and be willing to say “Next!” I see people who make it all the way through the first 6 steps and get stuck here. They don’t want to say “No thank you” or “This is not a fit for me.” People get stuck in a pattern of “not enough.” This shows up as there are not enough people in the world, what if this was my only chance, I should give him another chance, I’m not good enough for him/her, or my favorite, I’ll stay with him because I see his potential! Your responsibility at this stage is to sort through what will not work to find what will work. Make it easier on yourself by being willing to say “Next!”

8. Be honest. This might sound like I’m being condescending, but I am not. As a relationship coach, I’ve seen many wonderful people twisting themselves into pretzels trying to be what they think someone else wants. What you want is reasonable, and you have every right to ask for what you want. Yes, there might be compromises down the road, but at least start off saying who you are and what you want.


9. Teach others how to treat you. This goes hand in hand with number 8. You must speak your needs out loud. If someone disrespects you or demeans you, either say "Next!" or teach them from the very beginning how to meet your needs. Do not pretend to be something you are not.

10. The final and most potent step towards finding love is to give love to yourself and others. When you are living in a state of love, you attract love. Live every moment as though you might meet your mate and fall in love - any minute now! Look people in the eyes, notice them, smile, talk, flirt, laugh, giggle, and have fun with this.

Happy and positive people are more attractive. It’s true. The happier you are with yourself as a single person, the better your chances for romance. Take the time you need to get into shape. Like a marathon, you need to work slowly and build your muscles. To find love, make the decision to prepare and get ready for it by taking real action. And in the meantime, go out and do things you love to do. More than ever, take the time to meet new people and basically, have fun, laugh, and play. Before you know it, your mate will appear.

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