Build Self-Esteem & Believe In Yourself!


Build Self-Esteem & Believe In Yourself!
The definition of self-esteem is a belief in oneself; self-respect. We deserve that as individuals

     The definition of self-esteem is a belief in oneself; self-respect. We all deserve that as individuals and human beings. And yet, in our lifetimes, different messages have been delivered, and received into our psyches that bit by bit or in a traumatic event deprive us of our self-esteem, our belief in ourselves and our self-respect. These messages that cause us to shut down, mentally and emotionally also prevent us from moving ahead in fulfilling or actualizing our life dreams. Perhaps some of these messages have even stopped you from dreaming altogether, and you have been thinking of yourself and building a life based on negative and false beliefs.
     In reality, you create yourself and your life by the choices you make. By becoming conscious and aware of the thoughts that course through your head and the feelings that flow through your heart and your body, you can begin to see who you truly are. What do you believe about yourself? Do you believe you’re worthwhile, capable, deserving? If not, why not? What messages have you been given that have indicated to you that you are less than worthwhile; that you are less than whole? When you have a dream and say I want to be…, and then hear a nagging voice in the back of your head that says…“that can never be… you can‘t do that… who do you think you are…” take the time and effort to write it down… because it’s vitally important that you actually look at the messages that have undermined your positive belief in yourself. By really looking at these negative messages, you can begin to see some of the obstacles that have played a role in your life. Now you get to look at these messages, and challenge them.  

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