Loving Yourself & Coping With Valentine's Day


Loving Yourself & Coping With Valentine's Day
It's important to make Valentine's Day a day for loving and caring for yourself...

Three suggestions for coping with Valentine's Day:
1. Acknowledge your past relationships (platonic and intimate) and do something that honors what those relationships were. We have all had relationships, from family, friends, lovers, etc., that no longer exist, or that are no longer what we wish they were. However, you can see in looking back what was loving in those relationships and today is a good day to acknowledge that you have loved, were loved and know how to be loving. You can acknowledge these past relationships by writing a letter, calling a friend to talk about your relationship, lighting a candle, filling a memory box, etc. Set aside a specific amount of time to remember and honor what was, and then go to the next steps
2. Make plans with friends. Share an upbeat comedy movie night at home or out. Sharing a good time with friends reminds you that life is about our connections, both platonic and intimate, and Valentine's Day can be about friendship and connectedness on other levels than just the commercial ones 'advertised' .
3. Do something that is loving for YOU! You might go for a massage, a manicure, a workout at the gym, or your favorite meal. Make the day about loving who you are, and honoring your being as a whole person, not just the part of you that is missing someone or something.

Always remember that who you are is enough, and it is true whether or not you are in a relationship. Learning to love and enjoy the company you keep in those quiet moments is a gift you give yourself every day of the year.

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