5 Reasons Not to Get Back With an Ex


5 Reasons Not to Get Back With an Ex
If your ex calls to get back together here is why you should say thanks, but no thanks.

3. You Couldn’t Find Love: If you haven’t found love yet since your break-up, don’t give up and give into your ex. You will find love if you hang tough and recognize your worth.



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4. The Ex Throws On the Guilt: Your ex may make you feel guilty about the break-up and coerce you into trying to get together again to erase your guilt. Don’t fall for it! Nobody that really loves you uses guilt to manipulate you.

5. You Already Crossed the Line: Once you broke-up with your ex, you crossed the line and headed into a new life. When you get the courage to break-up and you cross over and realize that you deserve better, you probably shouldn't go back!    

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