Why Anthony Weiner Did It


Why Anthony Weiner Did It
Finding Dignity in Unexpected Places

The threats of shame, disapproval or massive loss are seemingly not enough to prevent sexual scandal. Our deeper sexual cravings almost always trump our ideals for morality. That’s some powerful ju-ju that’s driving us, despite our loftier intentions. Perhaps a sincere and vulnerable look into the secret heart of our arousal could create some balance and healing. Maybe confronting the unresolved feelings that produce "troublesome turn-ons” in our fantasy world might allow us to act more congruently in the “real” world. Perhaps deconstructing our erotic cravings, and acknowledging the desire to give and receive love that is at the core of them all, might just restore some much-needed dignity to our sexual selves.

"Most of your sexual desires, no matter how weird or kinky
they may seem, are rooted in your need to give and receive
love or your need to experience a specific part in the spectrum
of [sexual] energy. These needs are natural, although if denied
or hidden they can grow into 'pathological' forms that require
healing. If you don't embrace these desires in yourself
with compassion, you can create an inner division
that results in an energetic kink."


~David Deida, Author of The Way of the Superior Man

LiYana Silver, CHC, RYT, MaNLP: When the inner nudge (or whallop upside your head) tells you it's time to reignite, redefine and redesign your relationship for the 21st Century, here's some bold, fresh guidance to make it doable. For women and their partners who want to step out of painful patterns and relationship ruts and step into partnerships that are strong, sexy, sweet, sane and built to withstand the pressures of the 21st Century ... welcome.

Bringing over 10 years of expertise, LiYana helps alchemize the seemingly complex and insurmountable stumbling blocks of human relating into the bricks and mortar of juicy, pliable, strong-like-bull partnerships. With some dollops of hope, sizzle, respect and delight on top. LiYana maintains a private practice as a Relationship Coach, speaks nationally, lectures in corporations and colleges, has appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows, maintains her website and business, Love 3.0 (cuz 1.0 and 2.0 aren't working so well!) and writes for various blogs and magazines.

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