Why June is the PERFECT month to meet Mr. Right


Why June is the PERFECT month to meet Mr. Right

She had spent 10 years feeling invisible in Los Angeles, blaming the lack of interested men on her height, weight, age, and anything else she could think of that day.

Well, on her 40th birthday a few months ago, she confessed that she had met someone.


2 months later, they’re in love!

And let’s be clear. She didn’t lose weight. She didn’t move to a different city. She didn’t magically turn back the clock.

She simply got fed up with believing love was out of reach and decided she had to do something different.

First, she had to believe love is possible.

Then, she had to do something different to get a different result.

And third, she have to be willing to STOP being so emotionally shut down and actually let love in.

It wasn’t always easy. But is she glad she changed her ways?

You better believe it!

I love telling the story of how my sister finally let love in.

It’s such a beautiful illustration of what’s possible when you surrender to your genuine desire for love, and stop believing all the excuses you have had for years about why it hasn’t shown up.

So let me ask you this…

Now that you know that June is the PERFECT month to get out there and date, what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to go back to life as you know it…

Or are you going to step out of your comfort zone, surrender to the belief that good men are out there looking for you, and do something different to get a different result?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do this work alone.

We’ll do it together in my 8 Week If He’s Not The One, Who Is? TeleClass starting June 15.

As I said before, summer is the PERFECT time to break free from all that unfulfilling self sabotage, change your behavior, and get a different result.

In the class, you’ll discover:
* How your past defines your future — and what to do about it

* What your subconscious mind really believes that is sabotaging your chance at creating a life you love and manifesting the love of your life

* The unhealthy dating and relationship traps, tricks, and blatant lies that are messing with your head

* How to stop getting unfulfilling results and instead manifest golden opportunities in all areas of your life

* How to step out of scarcity thinking and into abundance manifesting in life AND love

* How to stop getting sidelined unnecessarily by dating disappointment (it’s NOT the same as heartbreak!)

* What the perfect target rich environments are for you — and what to do about them!

* How to tell the difference between Mr. Next and Mr. Right

You you can get all the details here:

SIGN UP by Monday, May 31 @ midnight and you’ll save $300!

Remember: Two months ago, my sister made the decision to let love in. In just 8 weeks, she manifested Mr. Right and is blissfully happy!

Imagine where you can be in just 2 months from now. Especially when you have hands on help, guidance, and support.

And that’s what I offer in my program.

When you sign up for my 8 Week If He’s Not The One, Who Is? TeleClass starting June 15, you’ll get:

1. Weekly 90 minute group calls and the recordings (starting June 15 – August 3)

2. Optional weekly 1 hour Q & A calls for added support

3. Weekly exercises to dive deep, stay on track, and hold yourself accountable

4. Unlimited email access with me throughout the class

5. 24/7 community support


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