Why June is the PERFECT month to meet Mr. Right


Why June is the PERFECT month to meet Mr. Right

Did you know the June is perfect month to get out there, become an attraction magnet, and meet men wherever you go?

It’s true! And here are just some of the reasons why:


1. Regardless of where you live, the sun is probably shining and men are spending more time outdoors and outside of their routine, making it easy to meet a potential cutie.

2. Without the stress of any major holidays, men are more likely to be available for dating and having fun. (Seriously! Who wants the stress of a first date 2 weeks before New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day?!)

3. Now that summer is here, people tend to be more social, increasing your chances of meeting a cutie in a fun and relaxed environment.

When I was single, I always loved dating during the summer.

In fact, I met my husband five years ago this summer. We were both out at a bar with friends, enjoying a hot summer night. My girlfriend started talking to his friends, and two hours later I was loving the comfortable and familiar conversation I was having with this cute stranger.

Bonding over a shared love of author David Sedaris and the music of Pink Martini, we just clicked.

When he and his friends got up to leave later that night, I was thrilled when he asked for my number.

I also didn’t care if he called.

That’s because I had become a total man magnet that summer. And when you attract cuties like crazy, you don’t worry if any one of them doesn’t call you.

That’s the fabulous and fun dating playground I was enjoying that summer!

Even though I didn’t initially care if he called, I was pleasantly surprised when he called the next day.

No games. Woohoo!

But let’s be clear.

If I hadn’t been working on myself for the last months, I wouldn’t have been available for this cute nice guy to come into my life.

I would have blown him off as being too interested, too available, too into me.

Crazy, right?

That’s what happens when you’re in a negative head space and believe that love is only possible if it’s challenging, frustrating, and unfulfilling.

I had spent 30+ years believing life and love had to hurt.

So any time something or someone came along and it was effortless? I questioned it.

Luckily, 3 months before meeting my husband, I got fed up. I finally decided to break free of my tractor beam-like attraction to emotionally unavailable men who weren’t interested in me.

By letting go of my addiction to the drama, disaster, and disappointment, I created a new belief system about love.


My clients know that I’m a big fan of changing your love vocabulary.

They also know that all those reasons you think you’re still single are bogus.

It’s not your age, your weight, or the city you live in that keeps you from finding the love you deserve.

Is your belief system.

If our reality matches our beliefs (and it does), here’s what happens…

If you think there are no good men left, you’ll be right. And you will be reminded whereever you go. From the jerk who cuts you off in traffic to the a**hole who opens the door for the pretty girl but not you.

From the dry cleaner who charges you too much to the valet who all but ignores you.

Since you believe there are no good men out there, guess what you’ll attract?

No Good Men!

And while that may have worked for you in the past, is it really still working for you?

Remember the story of my sister who hadn’t dated in 10 years?

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