What's Your Love Brand?


What's Your Love Brand?
Whether you find yourself celebrating The Ones Who Got Away or The One, do you know your Love Brand?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, as I used to call it when I ran my website BreakupChronicles.com, Happy Breakup Celebration Day.

Whether you find yourself celebrating The Ones Who Got Away (Thank God!) or The One, it’s important to remember that February 14th is just a day like any other.


But…because the world around us sends us messages about Love today, telling us we’re lucky if we HAVE a loving partner, and we’re lacking if we DON’T, I wanted to touch base and ask you something important…

What’s Your Love Brand?

Let me clarify.

As you know, branding is something I’m incredibly passionate about. But it’s not just for business. It’s for life and relationships, too.

When you’re living a life that’s fully aligned with your vision and values…

When your relationships – both platonic and romantic – align with what you want love to look and feel like…

When you walk out of the house in the morning and feel confident that the image you project in the world at large accurately reflects who you are on the inside…

When you conduct business on a daily basis – either for yourself or on someone else’s behalf – and know that your energy, communication style, and confidence level fully supports you…

That’s when you know you’re living the full embodiment of your love, life, and business brand.

And since it's Valentine’s Day, let’s get specific about your LOVE BRAND.

Believe it or not, you do NOT have to be in a relationship to have a rock solid and rock star love brand.

Love branding STARTS with your relationship with yourself, hokey as it may sound.

How you talk to yourself, treat yourself, and accept yourself is the first act of compassion you bring to your love brand.

The next act comes when you connect to your ideal vision of Love.

For example, if you’re like me, you may not have grown up in a household where love was healthy, whole, abundant, and fulfilling.

Quite the opposite may have been true!

I grew up in a home where I became my mother’s marriage counselor at the age of 12. While I was still playing with my Barbie dolls, my mother was crying and soliciting advice on how to make my dad love her.

Imagine MY Love Brand and beliefs as I became a teenager and started dating.

It’s no wonder I attracted and maintained relationships with men from age 15 to 30 that ping ponged between emotionally unavailable, abusive, and unrequited to intense, overly tumultuous, and confusing.

My Love Brand was aligned with my core belief that Love was difficult, painful, excruciating, and unfulfilling.

My reality had no choice but to get in line with those unhealthy and unhappy brand statements…

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