Single and Scared: Debunking the Scarcity Myth


Single and Scared: Debunking the Scarcity Myth

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Week #1: Initiate Contact Start by making eye contact with one member of the opposite sex (who you don’t know) every day for a week. You can do this in the elevator in your office building, while picking out produce at the grocery store, in line for your morning latte, or in a social setting (bar, party, picnic, etc.). It's not important where you do this exercise, only that you start getting comfortable making eye contact with the other gender.


Week #2: Smile The following week, make eye contact and smile at at least one member of the opposite sex every day. Chances are good that you'll get a smile back. It doesn't have to go any further than that (don't expect him to ask for your digits). This is simply an exercise in getting comfortable engaging the opposite sex. Short on time? Suggested locations to smile and make eye contact on the go include the gym, while sitting in traffic, picking up your dry cleaning, or while grabbing a quick bite out of the office.

Week #3: Step It Up During the third week of this exercise, step it up a notch. Make eye contact, smile, AND make small talk with a least one member of the opposite sex every day. If the idea of small talk gets you tongue-tied, relax. Start simply and slowly. Remember, this doesn’t have to be rocket science. You don’t have to think of the wittiest conversation starter ever. The goal is to just get the ball rolling. Potential conversation starters can be as simple as:

Hi. (Seriously, that counts!)

How’s your day going?

I dig your shoes/tie/suit. Where’d you get them/it?

Once you’ve opened up the conversation, don’t look away. Maintain eye contact, smile, and wait for his response. If he invites additional conversation, great! If not, your job for the day is done and you can move on. If for some reason, the object of your attention is rude or dismissive, don't take it personally. Rejection is part of the dating process. Chalk it up to experience, let go, and try again tomorrow.

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