How to Meet Your Husband in 2012


How to Meet Your Husband in 2012
Be honest. Did your New Year’s resolutions for 2012 include “I want to meet my husband"?

So how do you become The Chooser in your life? First, you stop WAITING for opportunities to find YOU. Specifically, you stop sitting around, hoping some guy will notice you. You STOP attending singles events and lurking on online dating sites just hoping and praying someone will see you, fall madly in love with you, and rescue you from your humdrum life.

Instead, you get ballsy, put yourself out there, smile, make eye contact, and talk to men on a daily basis (at the grocery store, in the latte line, in the elevator at work, at the gym, in line for popcorn at the movies, while rollerblading on the beach, on the subway, at the bookstore, while volunteering for that cause near and dear to your heart, while enjoying live music at your favorite hot spot, at the chiropractor, at yoga class, etc.) See how many opportunities there are in every day life to make eye contact, smile, and strike up a conversation? Have fun with this!


Step 5: Understand the Difference Between Mr. Wrong, Mr. Next, and Mr. Right

As you start meeting men in 2012, pay attention to which category you put them in. Mr. Wrong is the guy you’ve dated and ultimately assessed that he does not measure up to your long term wants, needs, and desires. Mr. Next is a guy you’ve met and started to get to know. He shows a whole lot of promise, and yet you’re withholding your final decision until you find out more about him. He could be your husband, but for now he’s Mr. Next. And that’s a good thing! Mr. Right is that elusive, once or twice in a lifetime guy who comes along, meets your wants, needs, and requirements, shares similar goals and plans for the future, and is interested and available for commitment with you. AND, you are interested in him and available for commitment with him. Trust me, this guy is worth the wait. If you haven’t found him yet, you’re well on your way.

For more tips on how to meet your husband in 2012, enroll in my free 30 Day Get Out There Challenge for Singles.

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