How to Meet Your Husband in 2012


How to Meet Your Husband in 2012
Be honest. Did your New Year’s resolutions for 2012 include “I want to meet my husband"?

Step #2: Release Your Need to Be Right and Surrender to Being Happy
Are you so attached to your beliefs that love has to be difficult, unsatisfying, or impossible to experience that your need to be right is overpowering your desire to be happy? Here are some examples of what I mean:

Are you choosing to be right as in Yes, you ARE too old, too fat, too screwed up to ever find love…


Are you choosing to be right as in Yes, your ex was the best thing that ever happened to you and you’ll never meet anyone as amazing as he was ever again…

Are you choosing to be right as in Yes, your parents screwed you up so badly that there’s no way love can show up for you…

If so, then your need to be right about being single is far more powerful than your desire to change your single status. Starting today, what if you simply chose to be HAPPY? If all you have to do to meet your husband is CHOOSE to no longer believe that it’s hard, impossible, or out of reach for you to experience the kind of love you desire and deserve, how EASY is that? If all you have to do to meet your husband is CHOOSE to be happy as you are right now, instead of who you may one day become (that debt free, cellulite free, baggage-free ideal we long to become but may never actually attain), how FREEING is that? If all you have to do to meet your husband is surrender to the beautiful truth that love IS available for you, that it’s not too late, that you’re open to it showing up any day now, how FABULOUS is that?

Today, surrender your need to be right about why you’re still single and instead choose a happier and healthier love future, even if it hasn’t shown up yet.

Step #3: Celebrate Good Men

Now that you’ve identified who and what may have been holding you back from manifesting Mr. Right, and have surrendered to the fact that happiness is so much sexier than the need to be right, it’s time to take the next step in your journey towards meeting your husband. It’s time to start celebrating the good men already IN your life. The truth is, there are good men EVERYWHERE, both already in your life and just passing through on a daily basis. However, if you do not see them, acknowledge them, and celebrate them, you will forever sabotage your chances of meeting your husband. Start paying attention to the men who open doors for you, who help you fix your flat tire, who share their umbrella with you, who smile at you, etc. Celebrate these simple acts by good men and before you know it, you’ll start appreciating men more and more. And when the right one comes along, you’ll be ready to recognize and celebrate HIM!

Step #4: Become The Chooser

So many women spend years -- decades even -- letting other people choose what’s best for them. They let their parents tell them what to do. They let boyfriends and ex-husbands tell them what to do. They let their alpha female friends tell them what to do. They let their jobs and bosses tell them what to do. And they remain in the passenger seat of their lives.

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