Expert: Is Your Past Keeping You Single?


Expert: Is Your Past Keeping You Single?

While it's understandable that past heartbreak has made you a little gun shy, now's the time to summon your inner strength, apply lessons learned, and get back out there. Yes, risking again can be scary. But what's scarier is letting past pain keep you alone and unhappy indefinitely. Don't go there!

And finally, if your ex and past heartbreak aren't keeping you stuck, this MAY be what's keeping you from manifesting Mr. Right…


Are you so focused on your ex's future, who your ex will date next, what amazing things will happen for him, and if and when he'll settle down, get married, and have children, that you've completely forgotten all about YOUR future? It happens. Just don't let it happen any longer. Instead, now's the time to move through that stage as quickly as possible so you don't waste valuable time—and opportunities to meet amazing men—by being hung up on the past.

So how do you put the focus back on Y-O-U?

It starts with shifting your beliefs. And since we choose our beliefs, you can shift yours at any time. Like right now. Today is your day to step away from the ex. Today is your day to stop believing in his hopeful future at the expense of yours. Now is your time to gracefully and effortlessly move on.

If any of the scenarios I mentioned above resonated with you, regardless of HOW you're holding onto the past, write them down now. Your first step in manifesting Mr. Right is to recognize how your ex and the past are keeping you stuck.

And then it's about getting un-stuck. In my book If He's Not The One, Who Is?: What Went Wrong—and What It Takes to Find Mr. Right, I provide a lot of great resources for getting un-stuck. And in my 8-week If He's Not The One, Who Is? teleclass, I take a hands-on approach to helping you get un-stuck. If you're struggling to get un-stuck, now is a good time to step up and give yourself permission to get un-stuck.

Got questions about getting un-stuck? Email or post a question or comment on the blog.

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