Confessions of an Imposter Mom


Confessions of an Imposter Mom
Some women wait their whole lives to become a mom, I'm not one of those women.

Some women wait their whole lives to become mothers. They pick out baby names before they've even met the man who will eventually become the father of their children (FOTC). On first dates with said FOTC, they bite their tongues while eagerly picturing what their babies will look like.

Some of these women happily and easily become mothers, their dreams of diapers, strollers, sippy cups, and gurgles coming to fruition naturally. Others struggle to conceive, going to extremes to bring that baby of their dreams into the world. In vitro, surrogacy, adoption... their list includes needles, doctor visits, paperwork, and eventually, if they're lucky... baby.


Other women become unexpected mothers. An Oops! that leads to Aww... as they bring baby into the world with less than 9 months of planning and prep. These women, too, enter the sorority of sisters who came before them whose bodies perform every day miracles of life. Conceiving, creating, and birthing a beautiful new human being into the world, amidst excruciating physical pain and emotional angst.

But once they take a look at their newborn baby, all the pain is forgotten. All the uncertainty of Am I ready? subsides as they realize just how truly, madly, deeply they love this little being they've waited to meet since they first peed on a stick.

I am not ANY of these women.

All I did to become a woman like these women was fall in love with, and marry a man whose sister got pregnant, and had a baby with her illegal immigrant drug dealer boyfriend twice her age, and then got arrested and thrown in jail for said occupational hazards. Most women have nine months to prepare for baby. I had nine days. These are the true life tales of my instant immersion into the world of being not so much a Foster Mom, but an Imposter Mom. Stay tuned! 

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