Think With Your Head, Not Your Vagina


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Which body part falls in love first?

Your heart is great at loving. It's not to great at choosing who to love. Now your head, on the other hand ... Your head knows what's best for you. Your head's most likely screwed on straight.

Your head is aligned with your goals, life vision, wants, needs, and relationship requirements. Your head can make an excellent judge of the men you date and wisely choose the right partner for relationship success. Once I got my head together and broke up with my addiction to bad love, my head led me to my husband.


I'll be honest. Had my vagina been making the decisions, I would have overlooked this short, cute, nice guy. What a shame that would have been. Had my heart been in charge, I might have mistaken the lack of emotional turmoil as a sign there wasn't any chemistry.

Again, a low down dirty shame! But because my head was clear about how I wanted love to look and feel, and I'd ditched my beliefs that I was too old, fat, screwed up to find love, when I met the hubs, I allowed my head to give my heart — and eventually my vajayjay — the green light.

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