Do New Year’s Resolutions Work?


Do New Year’s Resolutions Work?
Set Intentions of Experiences Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are usually forgotten a week after making them. These resolutions are often unrealistic or too far of a stretch. Often these goals make you feel worse instead of better, so you discard them to remove the weight of them off your shoulders. There is a better way to start a new year. Set intentions of experiences you would like to enjoy.

Experiences are feelings or states of being that you find pleasurable. You can define experiences in every part of your life. For example, you can set the financial goal of feeling abundant or prosperous. For work, perhaps you would like to feel satisfaction, accomplishment or recognition. You can also define sports or health goals by describing the sensation of winning, vitality, feeling strong, and so forth.


For your relationships, you may choose words such as meaningful, loving, nurturing, kind, playful or peaceful. Add spiritual goals such as connected, healing, or forgiving.

You may even pick one word such as happy. When you are happy, you are usually experiencing good health, abundance and love.

Here are 10 tips to effectively set your New Year’s intentions:

  1. Define your intentions for the New Year.
  2. Write your intentions on paper.
  3. Say your intentions aloud.
  4. Share an intention with a friend or family member.
  5. Find visual images that represent your intentions and create a collage, screen saver or vision board.
  6. Take actions that support your intentions.
  7. Release blocks or sabotaging thoughts or behaviors.
  8. Create a one-page overview of your intentions and place the page in your day planner, on your desk, bulletin board, mirror or some other place you will see daily.
  9. Keep it simple but powerful.
  10. Have faith and believe it is possible for you.

Next are more examples to assist you in creating meaningful and powerful intentions in different areas of your life.

Money flows in and grows as I invest a portion of it consistently each month.
I am financially free.
I have increased creativity, and I turn those new ideas into completed projects that bring profitability, recognition and new opportunities.

I have excellent energy and a feeling of vitality.
I feel fit and in shape.

I communicate well with my family.
I support my family and feel supported in return.

I am in a meaningful, loving relationship.
I enjoy companionship and share life’s ordinary moments as well as explore new places and activities and create new adventures.

I enjoy a relaxing vacation on a beach.
I visit and explore a new country.

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